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Insomnia Every Day & Night


Insomnia .. Every Day And Night
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Essentially? This is an uploading journal/community for fuminshou_neko.

I'm sure that a fair number of people on my f-list tend to get sick of the various things that I upload. Thus... I'm just tucking everything here. ♥

In this little personal uploading spree of mine, you'll find Asian music (songs, videos, lives, music videos, concerts, etc.) and dramas--specifically J-dramas.

insomnianightly's sister communities/uploading journals are dekirudake & drugtrax. So go and join Missa's community, as well! ♥

From time to time, there will be other stuff, but... for now? I'm just uploading stuff that I feel like uploading. Feel free to join the community and take stuff~ All I ask is that you comment when you take the stuff that I put up. Thank you~

Anyway, have fun~


You can also find me over here. ---> omg_look_music & drugtrax

Please Note: Everything here will be uploaded usually to MegaUpload for one reason only: The files last longer. ....and because I have a Premium account.